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Planning a special function? Let us help to make your event unforgettable. We provide excellent-quality rental equipment, from party tents canopies, to banquet tables, chairs, table linens, just about anything you need to make your event unforgettable!

Temporary structure for warehousing & storage purposes for sale & rental. Air-conditional tent, Gazebo tent, 'A' shape tent, Single slope tent, Heavy duty aluminum structure canvas shelter (60ft span column free)

Available tents

A-Shape Tent

A-shape tents, called this name due to its triangular roof resembling an 'A'. Designed to be simple and functional. This could be a relatively economical choice of tent. It boasts great flexibility in its choice of dimensions and could be used in constrained environments such as in between buildings.


Air-Conditioned Tent

Air-Conditioned tents are highly sought because it is effective against the heat. If you wish for your distinguished guests to be fully immersed in your event, you should definitely consider Air-Conditioned tents as it provides the optimum environment for any event.


Dome Tent

Dome tents are highly preferred for large scale events partly because of its grand aesthetics. Typically, when a mega event requires a huge space under shelter, several adjoining dome tents may be erected. It also seamlessly combines with Single-slope Tent.


Gazebo Tent

Gazebo Tent or sometimes known as Marquee Tent in Singapore. Distinctive with their high-roofing design, Gazebo tents adds a touch of class to all events. Gazebos are often sighted at carnivals, road shows, retailing booths and home parties. Two or more Gazebo can be joined together to cater to your needs.


Single Slope Tent

Single Slope tents are the most basic form of tentage. The single-sloping tent has one end higher than the other. This design allows excellent drainage of water when it rains. Single Slope tents are typically used for backstage, carnivals, booths etc.


Transparent Tent

Transparent tents are essentially any tent with transparent canvas all round. It offers a good view of the scenic environments such as beach and greeneries. It is particularly recommended for night and evening events.


Easy Up Tent


Warehouse Tent


Wedding Tent for Malay Wedding Tent


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